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Libraries and smashing rocks

I do have to admit, as a grade school-er, having a little library to stop at when I walked home from school was very cool.  My library was  the Thomas Crane Public Library of Quincy.  It was the North Quincy, Atlantic street branch and was litter more then an old retail space on a brick blocked corner of Atlantic street.  It shared the building with a TV repair shop, a barber shop, a general store and a candy shop.  The candy shop was nice but I prefered the library.  I guess I just like brain candy better.

A short intro into the Dewey Decimal system and I was all set.  I zeroed in to the Science section and began my education into physics, astronomy, electricity and geology.

Physics and astronomy had the largest impact on my grade school years.  Astrophysics was most fascinating and when I got a telescope for my birthday I went on a nightly binge of trying to find planets in the sky.  Seeing a sphere other then the moon or the sun made me feel like I was part of something big, really big.    I wasn’t always looking up though.

Rocks always fascinated me.  Even today, I can’t resist finding an interesting rock in a place I’ve traveled and tucking it into my pocket.  In the physics and geology books I found pictures of crystals and was intrigued with the idea that there might be full grown crystals in some of the rocks that I collected.

My Pop had a work bench in the basement with a small sledge hammer and a vice.  All that I needed to try and crack rocks to find that elusive crystals.  Needless to say that vice got a work out but alas, I never found a big crystal.  I did find little ones and decided that until I happend upon the ‘right kind of rock’ I probably would not find the big crystals seen in the books at my library.

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