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Category Archives: My Engineering autobiography

Radio and electronics

Radio and electronics has such a nice ring to it.  I remember being shown by my grandmother, how to tune this giant radio she had.  It was in a huge cabinet and at my eye level I could look right at the big semi circle dial with lots of lines.  There was a knob that […]

Rockets and Airplanes

My Pop was a fireworks fanatic.  Summer would arrive and with it, Pop would bring boxes of fireworks home.  There were lots of different sizes from little finger crackers to m80 bombs.  My favorite fireworks were the rockets.  Of the rockets, bottle rockets were my raw materials to build things.  Lots of things. I, of […]

Pith balls and cat hair

From physics books to electricity.  Magnetism could move things at a distance.  The physics I was reading taught me that only metals and then just certian metals were magnetic.  But all metals could conduct electricity.  Electricity was a lot like magnetism.  They both had fields but electric fields were much less strong, or so it […]

Magnets and Machines

Moving things without touching them.  How cool is that.  Do you remember your first magnet?  Mine was a horseshoe magnet.  The ends were bare metal and the horse shoe handle was bright red.  It came with a little metal rod which you could pick up by holding the horse shoe close to it.  Not only […]

Libraries and smashing rocks

Smashing rocks and libraries

My first engineering memories

What was the first thing you took apart or built?