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Day 2/3 I noticed it was a full moon!

I’m not particularly spiritual, but things do seem to get a bit exotic during the full moon. I met up with my son Dan on Wednesday and we did a bunch of catching up as he has been living out of his backpack since his Birthday, last July. He definitely got some of my adventure genes.

Wednesday night I managed to connect with N1NVY in Renton, WA for a nice chat on 40 CW. Once again I’m amazed at a long wire that took me 5 minutes to set up and the Elecraft K1 can do when you are way up on a hill!

Thursday Dan and I discovered Bernie’s coffee shop in Noe Valley where the Interenet is free! Dan took off to visit some friends and I took of to take care of some business. We later met with my friend Frances (who lives in San Francisco) and had a late lunch/early dinner at (I’ll update this) and caught up on each others lives. Frances rode us up the hill and Dan took the bike to go and visit some friends for the evening. I went back n the air to see what I could hear. WA0JLY, Denny from Ft Collins, CO filled in another entry in the log.

Friday morning I woke up early and listened around a bit discovering how noisy my supposedly quiet pc power supply was. It turns out that when I have it hooked up to a load (my netbook) and it is, say, charging the battery, well, wide band mush of about 2 s units arrives. Disconnect the netbook and run just the 50ma on the K1 and I get the moving “grrrs’ with wonderful silence in between. I’ll need to work on that part of my setup.

Going down to the kitchen I discover a note from Dan. “bike has dead battery, left on 19th and Dolores”. Ugh. bad thing go through my head like, is it just the battery, is it the regulator, is it the alternator? I wake up Dan and we head down to see if we can connect a charger to his friend’s house and get the battery recharged. ( I’m guessing, hoping, that Dan just put the ignition switch all the way over to aux and killed the battery while parked, Dan is not thinking thats the case). Well, Dan’s friend likes to get up late, really late. We hung out at the Dolores Cafe before I finally realized I was suppose to be up on top of the hill to meet a contractor. Dang, full moon. We finally get into Dan’s friends apartment to hook up the charger and get the bike charging. I give it 5 minutes hoping that will be enough so I can scoot up the hill. No joy. I leave Dan with the bike and hike up the hill (300 feet vert in 1/2 mile). I manage to get to the house just before the contractor was giving up. Dan shows up on the bike about 5 minutes later and all is well with the world once more. Phew.

Getting clear of all that drama, Dan and I grab a burger at Barney’s and go to see Avatar. If you haven’t seen it you must. It has changed the movie landscape.

Enough for this QSO , 73’s (thats best regards in ham talk)


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