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Day 4, trip prep

Topping off the tank, checking the tire pressure, admiring the new chain, wiring and  mounting the radar detector (I’ll be passing through to many small burgs where local revenue depends on poorly marked signage and local patrol waiting), checking the aux electric port for my heated jacket and gloves.  These are some of the day before a trip tasks to ensure a safe, dependable and warm ride!

Dan takes me to Philz in the Misson (24 and Folsum) where an eclectic crowd meets to enjoy the City’s best coffee.  It was good, but I knew I was going to pay for the mid afternoon caffeine.  Getting to sleep tonight will be a challenge.

Last night (Friday night) I went QRV for a couple of hour and chatted with Rich,  W0EPC from Colorado and Ron,K4WEE from Kentucky all on  watts.

I started thinking about why this QRP setup was performing so well.  The antenna is nothing more then a long wire.  A short length (12 feet) slopes up from my desk to a ceiling mount point, then slopes down, at about 40 degrees, from the third floor ceiling to a window on the second floor and is about 27 feet.  Not much of an antenna.  The house sits high on north side of Collingwood hill and three sides slow down and away from the house at a fair steep pitch.  I think this might be the key to good QRP.  That is, finding a location where at least three sides slope away fairly steeply.

This morning, before coffee, a managed a chat with KC9AOJ, Bill,from Illinois.  Ron is number 9 in my QRP motorcycle trip log.


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