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Day 5, Foggy and cold

Last night Dan sped down the hill on the SV650 one last time to visit his friends which left me with time to spend poking around 40 meters. Two more contacts were logged. KB7ZTI, Mark, from Washington, and I scored Hawaii with Martin, KH6MB! All on 5 watts

Late afternoon caffeine keeps me up all night. And so it was Saturday night. By about 5 pst, I got up and tuned about the 40 meter band. I could hear a lonely JA calling CQ. No one was returning his call. Another clear frequency so I gave him an answer and he came right back! Amazing, JA1NUT, Shin, gave me a 549 signal report and a solid copy.

It was nearly time to do my final packing and load up my bike, so I turned the knob one more time and who was calling CQ? Why K1NVY! A quick chat with my friend Fred and then QRT with hopes to go QRV in Trinidad, CA later in the day.

The ride north 300 miles on the 101 was cold and foggy.sv650gate Just soggy enough to make my electric clothing work real hard. I found out how hard when I stopped in Ukia to gas up. I shut down my heating connection, gassed up and hit the starter switch on the bike. Brr Brr, click click click. Not what one wants to hear from ones bike. Fortunately, a gas station patron asked me if I wanted a push to bump start the bike which worked fine. So much for keeping the heated clothing on full blast. I’ll now have to calibrate how much power I can suck out of the alternator before I draw down the battery….

The WX (weather in ham talk) got better as I headed north. There was even some sun as I passed through Eureka which is just south of Trinidad. A few minutes later and I pulled into the Sea Cliffs Hotel. I chose this hotel from the reviews on Google. I was not impressed. We are talking 1960’s vintage and looks as old as it is. The Bates  hotel rings a bell.  The couple that ran the place seemed nice enough but there was something strange about the entire place. One other couple, with a baby, were staying here. I was put in a different room then I had requested because this other family was, well, having a difficult time.

There is no Sea to be seen and not cliffs near this property. Worse, it is in a sort of hole with land sloping up on three sides. No QRV here.

In town I ate t the Eatery. A classic deep fried food place. Not what my stomach had in mind. Needless to say I was not very impressed by Trinidad and disappointed that I couldn’t get on the air.

One saving grace was that my bike could be parked in an open stall that was covered keeping it dry for the early morning get away.

I’m a bit cynical when it comes to odd behavior. And so it was that the husband of the couple  who owned the place asked me what kind of bike I had, then changed the subject to his wife who engaged in conversation. When I turned back towards where my room and bike were, the husband had gone into the stall where my bike was parked and was walking away, glancing in my direction but not asking me about my bike. Odd.

So much for Day 5.


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