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Day 7: Humming a sweet song home

Bandon in sight and motor humming along.  All is well with the bike for the 400 mile ride north.  I did manage a longwire out the balcony of the Bandon Beach Motel, which, by the way, is in Bandon and is by the beach!  My room faces south with a clear shot to the horizon.  The beach is below, about 75 feet.  I’m on the second floor.  I throw my wire out and string it over a sightseeing parking lot to a 10 foot sign I can climb on.  I have about 120 feet of wire out with a slight down slope.  The wire is at least 15 feet over the parking entrance and easily clears the cars that come through.  QRV again.  California is favored in this setup with some pattern of propagation to the east and west.  I’m able to make 3 contacts before the wind picks up and I must take the antenna down for safety.  Thanks to WA6UIJ, KJ7LB and KG6VPU for the Bandon contacts.

Morning comes fast and I’m off to my coffee and the long ride home.

I’ve done longer treks then 400 miles in a day, however, 400 miles on a bike is not easy.  Unlike a cage vehicle, there is really no way to stretch.  On my bikes, my right hand is glued to the throttle and the best I can hope for is resting my left hand or twisting to the left for a stretch.  I’ve done damage to my neck and back before, on long rides, when my electric heated clothing has failed.  Cold, fixed position on a human body for hundreds of miles at a time is not good.  I have found out the hardway. This trip my electrics are working OK, I had to disable the pants and be careful of drawing down the battery (see first blog entry for this trip) but I was able to keep warm.  I also decided that 100 miles at a time was enough, so I gassed up every 100 miles and got off the bike to do some yoga stretches.  This made a huge difference.  I recommend this approach for anyone riding long distances and not competing in a contest like the Iron Butt Rally!

Seattle is in sight before dark and I manage to hit rush hour traffic heading north through the City on the 99.  Safe  and home, I thank my bike for cooperating and headed for the shower.

So goes my first Winter coast ride from San Francisco to Seattle.

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  1. John Zimmerman wrote:

    AG, Heard your QSO with KJ5XF on approximately 7025 at 8:45 Pacific time. Your signals 459 and was able to copy most everything on Kenwood TS520S with 40M dipole at 25 ft. K1 sounds good here in Olathe, Kansas. Have heard your K1 before. Studying to get back on the air after being off 30 yrs. Was K0JVX and got ticket in 1957 when I was 13. Now retired engineer. Have enjoyed your blogs esp. pix of Alaska. 73 John

    Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 9:07 pm | Permalink
  2. Paula wrote:

    Thanks John, great to see that you are copying code! I’ve been continuously licensed but just got back on the air last fall after a few years and now seriously committed to setting up a big station on a mountain! Having a blast QRP with and EDZ at 1750 feet over the Pacific!

    73, Paula

    Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

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