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Y to the MAX

Okay, so I have a great rural location (QTH in ham talk) but Internet access is weak.
update: I’m going 3g rev a with Verizon.
update: Impressive, three speed test in Carpenterville OR: 2.5Mb download 0.35Mb upload. Sadly, limited to 5G a month

Day 7: Humming a sweet song home

Bandon in sight and motor humming along.  All is well with the bike for the 400 mile ride north.  I did manage a longwire out the balcony of the Bandon Beach Motel, which, by the way, is in Bandon and is by the beach!  My room faces south with a clear shot to the horizon.  […]

Day 6, A dark and rainy night…..

I had no problem getting up early, packing and getting under way. It started raining the night before and was still raining when I got up at 5 O dark 30. Rain gear, bike loaded, and battery charged, I fired up the sv650 and got out of dodge. The 101 is really dark at the […]

Day 5, Foggy and cold

Last night Dan sped down the hill on the SV650 one last time to visit his friends which left me with time to spend poking around 40 meters. Two more contacts were logged. KB7ZTI, Mark, from Washington, and I scored Hawaii with Martin, KH6MB! All on 5 watts Late afternoon caffeine keeps me up all […]

Day 4, trip prep

Topping off the tank, checking the tire pressure, admiring the new chain, wiring and  mounting the radar detector (I’ll be passing through to many small burgs where local revenue depends on poorly marked signage and local patrol waiting), checking the aux electric port for my heated jacket and gloves.  These are some of the day […]

Day 2/3 I noticed it was a full moon!

I’m not particularly spiritual, but things do seem to get a bit exotic during the full moon. I met up with my son Dan on Wednesday and we did a bunch of catching up as he has been living out of his backpack since his Birthday, last July. He definitely got some of my adventure […]

There’s always a day 1!

Okay, so I’m a geek girl.  I’m also an adventurous soul and I decided to ride my sv650 up the coast from San Francisco to Seattle with my new QRP rig (Thats a low power ham radio for those who are not ‘Hams’).  I flew down to SF with check bags as I didn’t think […]

mprintf: A thread safe printf: mprintf library

So, I decided to take this one step further and build a library that hides the details of the mutex and variadic macro. To use the library you will need to: Go into your libraries directory and make a new directory called ‘mprintf’ Copy these two files into the new directory; mprintf.h mprintf.cpp Put the […]

mprintf: a simple thread safe printf for DuinoOS Part A: Getting a thread safe printf to work

There are lots of ways to implement a thread safe printf for DuinOS (or free RTOS). The following is a version that renames printf as mprintf. Like an fprintf function, mprintf has a leading parameter which must be passed with the rest of the printf variables. This implementation exposes the methodology used to make printf […]

mprintf: a simple thread safe printf for DuinoOS Part A: Getting non threaded printf to work

I thought it best that I document how I got printf to work and how I made it thread safe for DuinoOS (or freeRTOS for that matter) Getting non threaded printf to work. printf makes use of a file handle called stdout. This file handle is null unless we do something to change its value. […]