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Kayak, Kitties, Motorcycle and me

December 2005

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Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

I looked out my home windows one last time this year, the Bay bridge glowed like Holiday ornaments while the Christmas tree shaped Trans American tower’s colored beacon twinkled in the night sky over the City.   I was tired.  I didn’t get much sleep after loading the van and it was the wee hours of the morning.  I captured the kitties in the pet taxi and brought them downstairs to the van, letting each one loose inside to find a place and hide.  It was time to go.

The giant silver behemoth I was piloting was half full.  Packed with one of my motorcycles and topped off with my kayak.  I coasted down the hill to the Castro.  As usual, on a Saturday night—err—Sunday morning, the Castro was hopping with Gay energy.  My silver beast was a sight as partying people stared at the oddly packed van.  “Bye San Francisco, I’ll see you next year”.

I made my way to the highway and the Bay Bridge, bidding farewells to the many friends I had made in the Bay Area.  Set my iPod to shuffle music piped through the Van’s sound system.  Route I 5 appeared and my GPS said ‘go 750 miles north and take exit 53’.  Right. 

The Central valley was un-eventful, then I began twisting my way up, into the Cascades.  It was still dark.  I had to bring up the heat in the van.  “Why was the grass on the sides of the road so bright?”.  Visibility dropped to a few car lengths when I realized that the fog was freezing on the grass and the wind shield and the kayak!  ‘Hmm, bet there is some black ice here’. 

Fortunately the sun began to rise and I broke out of the fog, north of Grants Pass in southern Oregon.  The sun warmed things up above freezing and finally burned off the overcast by late morning when I reached Salem/Portland Oregon.  Salem was my second gas stop (about 300 miles per tank) and I picked up a few things that I knew I would be buying anyway.  No sales tax. 

On the road again with just a few more hours to Seattle.

Rolling into Seattle I stopped at the Bell Harbor Marina on the waterfront where I stored my Kayak in a dry berth.  I got a bit lost trying to find Harbor Steps, where I was staying, but finally rolled up to the rear parking garage gate and one of my fears of the trip!  6’6” clearance.  Well, a 7’ van will not fit into this garage.  At least my motorcycle will! 

I moved the petrified kitties up to my 17th floor apartment and unloaded the van, finally letting my SV650 loose.  Parked the van in an outside lot and settled in.  13 hours, 825 miles.

I like Seattle, I like the work.  Christmas is here…



Mission: Recon Seattle...

It’s 6:30 Thursday morning.  I took the trash out last night and my ‘escape from Alcatraz’ cat, Tom, has not shown up on the door step.  The pouring rain and howling wind make it unlikely Tom will show up before I leave for the airport and a five day recon mission to Seattle.

Cats aside, I make my flight and arrive in Seattle.   Pick up a rental with warnings that I should bundle up with insurance since it’s going to snow.  Snow? Seattle?  Wait a minute, this isn’t what I was planning on.  I make my way to Amazon and Erma sets me up with all the goodies I will need to get started.  Lunch with Michelle, a true Amazon star, and meetings.  Did I mention meetings? 


I stay in North Seattle by Greenlake, just to get a sense of the commute across town.  Most of the weekend is touring neighborhoods and chatting with real-estate brokers. 


But all work and no play really gets on Paula’s nerves so I took in the International Motorcycle show that was in town.  Spent a few dollars on heated clothing and made my way to Pasta Veloce, an annual WetLeather motorcycle enthusiast event.  Needless to say, it was very entertaining and I got to meet quite a few motorcyclists.  I was very encouraged by the large number of female riders in WetLeather and hope to make more of their events.

Returning to SF Tuesday with no word on Tom, the missing cat.  I suite up and head out to a big screen showing of a 1980’s classic motorcycle racing documentary ‘Take it to the Limit’ chatting one last time with lots of riding friends.  Upon return, who shows up after five days in the cold?  Tom!