Motogirlies Cabin Run 2005

September 2005

Thanks to Evelyn for the Cabin and Robin for the truck! And all the girls for the great dinners we cooked up:-)


Text Box: Spotlight

Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

Kudos' to Evelyn once again for letting seven crazy Motogirlies take over her cabin in the Sierras’.  Yes, there we were at the Royal Café (what is the new name?) in Oakland where five of us lined up our bikes next to Robin’s slag wagon.  Just as we are getting ready to hit the road, sirens start blaring!  Yikes, a little old lady got hit by cell phone talking SUV right on the corner (ouch).

Un-deterred we headed out.  Lunch was at our favorite spot in Sutter Creek where we enjoyed sandwiches and pie!  Paula found a winery and picked up a couple of local bottles to add to the wine rack forming in Robin’s truck (cabin rule 1:  two bottles per Motogirlie)

Then it was off for the exciting part of the ride.  Paula took the girls down some gnarly side roads that were only one car width across.  Oh, and did she mention gravel?  Yup, about 20% was gravel road but the sealed roads we found were great and no traffic.  We took roads like Tiger Creek to Salt Reservoir.  Then Ellis road back to 88.  Finally a short romp on Mormon Emigrant  then Silver fork spur.  At the end of Silver Fork Spur Eve asks Paula, “so what is it, half an hour away?”  To which Paula replies “Nope, we are here!”

We split up and did a bit of shopping for dinner and the six of us had a wonderful candle light meal next to the crackling fire.

Next day was pretty laid back.  Sue went out and romped on the roads.  Most of the rest just hung out and warmed in the sun or by the fireplace fire. 

Oh, we did have a bit of a water emergency.  Paula used her technical skills to squeak a bit more water out of the spring so the toilet would flush!

Kari showed up on day two riding her KLR 650 and we all traded stories over wine and the warmed by the fire.

Sunday rolled around and Paula was headed north and east on her Loneliest Trip,  while the rest of the Motogirlies headed south and west. 

All and all a great Run!