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What the heck am I doing in the great Northwest?

November 2005

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Thanks Elise and Evelyn for all their Motogirlie sister support.† Thanks to Betz and Ute at the local cafť.† I couldnít have made it through the last few months without all your support!


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†††††††††††† Kings Canyon September 2004

†††††††††††† Swimming hole trip August 2004

†††††††††††† Motogirlies Cabin Run August 2004

†††††††††††† Cascades Trip July 2004

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Those who are willing to exchange freedom for security deserve neither. -- Ben Franklin

Okay, so Iím not there yet.† Here is the deal.† I got offered a job that I really want to do about now.† Sounds weird huh?† Well, Iím not quite independently wealthy enough to cash in and travel sooo, Iím doing the next best thing and trying out a new locale!

Check in next month for reports on the International Moto show and† Wetleatherís Pasta Veloce in Seattle!

Meanwhile, as promised,† here is a Readers Digest view of 2005 (so far)

2005 started out HOT!† Craig, my then SO, and I did an icy motorcycle trip to Mercy Hot Springs (It was sooo nice to hop in a hot spring tub after a long cold ride :-)†

Then there was the Motocross event in SF where the twofiddey two strokers could launch themselves four stories into the air.

Sick as a dog, Craig talked me into a kayak trip to Moro Bay with BASK.† Wet windy and cold (ugh) and feeling like crap, I grinned and paddled my heart out doing surf launches and playing at the mouth of the bay (I was a bit green at the end of that trip.† What was I thinking!)

Ano Neuvo elephant seal ride, estuary paddles, whale watch ride all before the best trip of the year and some of the happiest days in my life. Costa Rica!

Mystery School, Trinity River whitewater paddle, MotoGP and Drakesbad trip followed and the Motogirlies cabin run, but all was not right.

Life has a strange way of turning on you sometimes.† The middle part of this year was difficult. Craig and I split.† My father passed away.† My kids finished college and were all gone from home.† Work situation was changing rapidly. In the midst of this I took My Loneliest Trip.†

Fortunately I have some really good friends (see Spotlight) who helped me through some tough times.

After that mess, Iím ready for something new!† Hello Seattle!